Gorgeous pitbull playing with Fannie. Dog leaps off all-fours when excited! #actionshots #dogs #la (at Silver Lake Dog Park)

Chop n Quench doing Fela Kuti’s ‘69 LA Sessions live in DTLA.

Though Fountain is fine, my advice is to take 6th St. #la (at Getty House Mayor’s Mansion)

Johnny Winter photographed by “Metz” for Creem, July ‘73. #rock #johnnywinter #texas

Back cover of Creem magazine, Feb. 1975. #johnnywinter #texas #blues

Dude’s tattoo at Nick Cave the other night: “Lies.” Were it mine, it would read “Truths.” (at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles)

Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris of New Order. #neworder (at Greek Theatre L.A.)

Nick Cave goes feral on “From Her to Eternity” at the Ace last night. (at The Theatre At Ace Hotel)

Greg Ginn back when he cared. (Photo by Bruce Rhodes). #blackflag


Column called “Wife Beaters and Sweetheart Mistreaters” #stl #journalism

This regular Whirl column listed everyone busted for drugs that week. #stl #journalism

A cover of the competing St. Louis Whirl-Examiner from around the same time. #STL #journalism

Found while digging in my stuff. Copy of St. Louis crime rag The Evening Whirl. #STL #journalism

Is it just me, or does Marc Bolan”s estate need new representation? All the makings of an icon a la Elvis, Jimi, Kurt, Marilyn et al. , and yet (MB l, Mickey Finn, r)