Cassette advance of new Red Hot + Arthur Russell tribute. #cassetteculture

FYI #freetracts (at Free Tract Society)

8-Bit Construction set: early project from Cory Arcangel, Paul B Davis, Joe Bonn and Joe Beuckman. Locked grooves all at the same BPM, one side programmed on C64, the other on Atari 2600, designed as “DJ construction set.” #vinyl

I’ve posted this before but it bears repeating. #vinyl #max Chrysalis Records 1980.

Attn Run the Jewels fans. This 2xlp instrumental version of Fantastic Damage was early portent. #defjux #vinyl

Missy Elliott circa “02. #missy

One of the most beautiful gatefold records I own is this Boredoms “Rebore 2: Ken Ishii” release. Designed by eYe, who also designed Beck’s “Midnight Vultures” sleeve. #vinyl

I’ve hidden rare MP3 and .wav files on these Zip discs for future crate diggers to discover in 2114.

Makeshift letterpress alphabet carved using pencil erasers and an Exacto knife by @joannaduley. Best gift ever. #makers

Strange bootleg of music made on Raymond Scott’s instrument the Electronium. #vinyl

Duped into paying for this knickknack portrait plate when at a floating market outside of Bangkok in 09 but glad I did.

Edward II and the Red Hot Polkas, “Let’s Polkasteady.” members of the Mekons and the Rumour. Dub meets polka. #vinyl

Detail from a Hydrahead mini-zine drawn by Andrew Cox. #rock

Found photo of private moment. #foundphotos

One of my favorite photos of Elvis. #Elvis