Pano fail after Fannie photobombs. Fur blob with legs. #panofail

Unsung early synth pop classic by Chris & Cosey. #vinyl

Swell Maps EP, 1979: “Loin at the Surf.” #vinyl

Labradford 10” on Stereolab’s Duophonic label mid 90s. #vinyl

Detail from gatefold of Marvin Gaye’s “Here, My Dear.” #vinyl

1988. “Special thanks to Rocky Jones…Kevin Saunderson, Tony Thorpe, the Hacienda, Spectrum… And all those dedicated H.O.U.S.E. addicts.” #vinyl #housemusic #london

Recorded by Harold Courlander in early 50s. Great $10 Folkways exploration. #Haiti #vinyl

Chris Ware edited a quarterly called the Ragtime Ephemeralist in the 90s. Fascinating research and execution. #ragtime #comics

Un-still life on a Friday night.

Bunny so patient. #pawsup

Fair weather fan revealing annual colors. Hopefully we’ll be seeing them in LA soon.

Poems for each of Scrabble’s two-letter words. Out in a few weeks. Written by Stephen Merritt, illustrations by Roz Chast. (at LA Times)

Obligatory photo of temperature in la.

"I’d like to write you about a rock and roll musician by the name of ‘Glenn Allen Danzig.’ He started a long time ago …"

I’m listening to Robin Gibb’s final recordings, out Sept. 30. Such a sweet, comforting voice. (at LA Times)